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"Dirty Digits" - Dan Chaves
"Dirty Digits"
"DJayJung" - Jay Jung
"Vyle" - Albert Johnson
"Dr. Unos & Dubs" - Ellison Robinson
"Dr. Unos & Dubs"
"Esquire" - John Chavies
"Josh of Statik Link" - Josh Andres
"Josh of Statik Link"
"DJ Level" - Martin Yarbrough
"DJ Level"
"DJ Fingersmith" - Tyler Smith
"DJ Fingersmith"
"DJ Loup Rouge" - Raul Hildalgo
"DJ Loup Rouge"
"Boi Jeanius" - Ruben Quintanilla
'Boi Jeanius'
Ruben Quintanilla
Teaching for How Long:
3 years
Favorite Artist:
Music Genre(s):
I believe music has no boundaries so I specialize in music
Gear Specialization:
I prefer 2 technics and a pioneer djm 900 but can rock on anything
Advice for Students:
Indulge in the culture. Understand it and respect it. Learn and know your music
Favorite Venues:
"I really enjoy Beauty bar in Chicago Dogwood in Austin TX, Manor West in San Francisco, Lebain Rooftop in New York, The Vogue in Indianapolis "
2015 Redbull Thre3style Chicago Regional Champion
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What got you interested in DJ'ing?

Watching DJ Skribble on MTV Spring Break control a crowd and listening to lunch mixes on B96

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