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Private Lessons

One-on-one sessions are the quickest way to increase your skill level! We offer Private Lessons for everyone from beginner enthusiasts to experienced DJs. Get an overview of the basics at your own pace or brush up on the latest in DJ hardware & software. Private Lessons can be arranged according to your schedule and customized to fit your learning needs and goals.

Once you have purchased private lessons at the location of your choosing, give us a call and we’ll be happy to get you scheduled! Discounted multi-hour packages are available.


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Premium Instructor Experience:
Head instructor with 5+ years and have been DJing or Producing for 10+ years. Offers very specialized instruction requests.
Standard instructor Experience:
Our private lesson teachers are active professional DJ's and lead instructors for both DJ & Music Production courses.
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"Dirty Digits" - Dan Chaves
"Dirty Digits"
"DJayJung" - Jay Jung
"Kraff" - Michael Lawrence
"Ned Nice" - Ned Clinard
"Ned Nice"
"Vyle" - Albert Johnson
"Heat Sequence" - Alex D'Arienzo
"Heat Sequence"
"Max Carnage" - Brendan Shaw
"Max Carnage"
"Dr. Unos & Dubs" - Ellison Robinson
"Dr. Unos & Dubs"
"Esquire" - John Chavies
"Josh of Statik Link" - Josh Andres
"Josh of Statik Link"


New York, NY
New York, NY
Los Angeles, CA
Miami, FL
Chicago, IL
Atlanta, GA
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