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Our instructors are renowned for their professional talent and their depth of knowledge.  What really makes them special is their ability to zero in on each student and bring out the best in them.

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"Dirty Digits" - Dan Chaves
"Dirty Digits"
"DJayJung" - Jay Jung
"Vyle" - Albert Johnson
"Dr. Unos & Dubs" - Ellison Robinson
"Dr. Unos & Dubs"
"Josh of Statik Link" - Josh Andres
"Josh of Statik Link"
"DJ Level" - Martin Yarbrough
"DJ Level"
"Tyler Smith" - Tyler Smith
"Tyler Smith"
"DJ Loup Rouge" - Raul Hildalgo
"DJ Loup Rouge"
Benny Blanco - Benny Miller
Benny Blanco
"Presyce" - Juan Cervantes
Juan Cervantes
Teaching for How Long:
2 years
Favorite Artist:
Hard for me to pick a favorite, but people who are always growing like Dr. Dre, Kanye, producers like NO ID. So many to mention though!
Music Genre(s):
My main styles of playing are hip hop,r&b, and old school breaks but I also like to spin other styles like 80's,70's, house, edm, anything that sounds good to me basically.
Gear Specialization:
I work with turntables,cd players,and controllers. The software programs I use to dj with are Traktor and Serato DJ. I try to be as versatile as possible and adapt to different setups. Including using PC or Mac!
Advice for Students:
Working at a slower pace can lead to greater results.
Favorite Venues:
I like events where it's a performance setting, knowing the audience is expecting to see you show what you can do live versus waiting for their favorite song to come on. Big shows are great but it's the smaller venues that allow you to experiment and try out what may work at a larger event as well.
3X Scribble Jam DJ Battle Champion 1998-2000, 1998 Chicago DMC Champion, 2001 New York DMC Champion, 2001 USA DMC Runner Up, I've scratched on songs for artists like MF Doom, Aesop Rock, Atmosphere, J-Live, Guilty Simpson, Diamond D, Boog Brown, and Homeboy Sandman.
'Presyce' - Read More
What got you interested in DJ'ing?

Because I had an older brother and cousins who started dj’ing before me I was able to watch them and learn at a young age. Music has always been in my family. Listening to hip hop, I was always fascinated with the scratches in the choruses. Trying to mimic the scratches being done on the songs was how I first learned to scratch! DJ’s like Dj Premier, Mista Sinista, and Pete Rock were some of my favorites. On the battling side ISP, Xmen, and Beat Junkies!