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October 27, 2019 / 4:00 PM - 6:00 PM
New York Academy

The Art of Beat Juggling (Session 2) - $80.00

There are four Foundations in the art of Beat Juggling. In this final installment led by resident instructor and veteran DMC DJ champ, DJ Roli Rho of Open Faders and the world famous 5thPlatoon DJ crew, you will learn the most important skills required to building consistent beat juggling techniques. They are:

Chasing/ Strobing: The third foundation allows you to break down the beat of the record, incorporating the fader while manipulating the overall tempo of the track. This course will have you take a song and use the Strobe / Chase foundation to turn the song into something new that you’ve created by hand. 

You will learn:

  • How to set cues points for Strobing (on hardware & software)
  • Defining Strobing by syncopating and breaking down every 2 sounds with one hand.
  • Strobing two records with no fader following one record after the other.
  • Chasing two records incorporated with the fader
  • Understanding the Broken Chase technique by bringing back the same one or two sounds.
  • How to sequence strobing and chases to incorporate into a routine.

Swings: This final foundation involves incorporating tap down patters and broken chases to give looping techniques an original “swing”, head-nodding feel. This foundation will teach you to take a song and “swing” a section from track by manipulating the record and turning the song into something new that you’ve created by hand! 

You will learn:

  • Setting up Cue Points for swing patterns
  • How to define swings by syncopating or with breakdowns on one side
  • Utilizing the Broken Chase technique and One-Sided swings to create original tempo & arrangement
  • How to swing records in for a loop on both sides
  • How to combine a sequence of all three foundations (tap downs, strobing & swings) to create original compositions and routines.

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