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"Dirty Digits" - Dan Chaves
"Dirty Digits"
"DJayJung" - Jay Jung
"Vyle" - Albert Johnson
"Dr. Unos & Dubs" - Ellison Robinson
"Dr. Unos & Dubs"
"Esquire" - John Chavies
"Josh of Statik Link" - Josh Andres
"Josh of Statik Link"
"DJ Level" - Martin Yarbrough
"DJ Level"
"DJ Fingersmith" - Tyler Smith
"DJ Fingersmith"
"DJ Loup Rouge" - Raul Hildalgo
"DJ Loup Rouge"
"Didactic" - David Lopez
David Lopez
Teaching for How Long:
8 years
Favorite Artist:
Really tough for me but just a few of my favs are Prefuse 73, DJ Shadow, Roni Size, and Bonobo
Music Genre(s):
I like to work with most anything but my main styles are House, Techno, Drum & Bass, and Downtempo
Gear Specialization:
As far as DJing, I like to work with a variety of gear… turntables, CDJ’s, and controllers. Nothing like those 1200’s though! For Production, my primary work environments are Ableton and Pro Tools. I also use the Push and a variety of other midi controllers, outboard gear, and software.
Advice for Students:
Be patient. Dedicate yourself to your craft. Start with a strong foundation and build upon it. Learn the basics music theory. Never stop learning!
Favorite Venues:
Some of my favorite ATL venues are The Music Room, EQ, and Alley Cat, among others
SAE Graduate, Professional Audio Engineer, Lead Instructor at SAE Atlanta, Music Producer at Day Professor, Ableton Certified Trainer
'Didactic' - Read More
What got you interested in DJ'ing?
As a musician from an early age, being part of the EDM/ party scene in Philly is what initially got me interested in DJing… I wanted to use the decks as an instrument to create a musical journey. 
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