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DJ Blix

After buying "He's The DJ, I'm The Rapper" on cassette, DJ Blix first heard Jazzy Jeff's cuts and became completely engulfed in the DJ Culture.  He began watching countless episodes of Yo! MTV Raps and started listening to and recording radio jock’s mixes; but, it wasn’t until 1990 that DJ Blix first stepped up behind the wheels of steel – he’s been rocking crowds in South Florida since.

In the late 90's, DJ Blix made a break at Power 96 where he met Felix Sama and Eddie Mix. He then moved on to playing in various, now legendary Miami venues, including Cameo, Cream, Zanzibar, and 609.  During the early 00's DJ Blix took a break from the club scene, but continued his passion for DJing by playing at private and corporate parties.

In 2011, Blix decided to get back in the industry which led him to Scratch DJ Academy in Miami, where he is currently teaching both English and Spanish classes. When he’s not teaching, he’s putting sets together for performances at numerous local residencies and Special Guest DJ Appearances or ready to rock one of Miami’s biggest party buses, Miami Limo Coach.

His signature Mash-Up sets are masterfully crafted including all genres from Breaks to Country (yes...Country), producing a sound and vibe like no other, making DJ Blix one of the hottest and most versatile entertainers around.

DJ Blix teaches:

DJ 101
M 202